For the complete TV Guide redesign, I worked in collaboration with my good friend Bob Newman as well as Katherine Dillon and Kate Thompson. The project was completed and relaunched in April, 2010.

Some of our goals were to make all the pages easier to read whether they were in the news section or the daily grid listings; more navigable and more accessible. We wanted to make the pages exciting and visually inviting.

Bob and I helped close the first issue. The team at TV Guide did a brilliant job designing the new pages.

Art Streiber photographed the cast of Glee for the launch issue.


TVG Glee Cover

Review from The NY Post,
on the TV Guide redesign,
November 14, 2010

TV Guide is living its second life fully, with great style.
Layouts and graphics rival those of any title in the
born-again entertainment sector, and it's now a perfect
fit for anyone's TV nest. Unlike the clunky little midget
of a magazine of yesteryear, TV Guide offers a fast and
smooth visit to loads of eye candy and news nuggets
on stars and shows. An added plus: friendly and handsome
listings that are easy to read in dim TV viewing environments.